The Spending Game

The Spending Game is a powerful tool we use to help you plan how you will use your hard-earned assets to accomplish what you want in retirement.

Your entire life you have programmed yourself to save – for the new car, the home, and of course, your retirement. Now, it’s your time to SPEND. It’s time to use your savings and assets to receive income the rest of your life. 

The Spending Game is a financial projection and assessment program that allows us to predict a GUARANTEED income for all of your retirement years. Yes, we say guaranteed. Dips in the stock market will never affect your income. You can enjoy your retirement without the stress of wondering if you have enough to enjoy your retirement.

Here’s Our Process

We get to know you

We look at all of your hard-earned assets and what you want to accomplish in retirement.  We ask you questions. Are you ready for retirement? How will you retire and when? What will your expenses be? What will your income be? How much of that money is at risk in the stock market?

We consider all scenarios

After we get an idea of what you want retirement to look like, we will start looking at the details. What will retirement be like if it begins at X?  What will retirement be like if we receive Roth income now, and postpone 401K until later?  These are just a couple of the “what ifs” we can project.

We create a plan

We will then take all of these variables and prepare a financial plan that aligns with what you desire from your retirement. We will help you shift your mindset from saving to spending so you can enjoy your retirement years without having to worry about your income.

It is called “The Spending Game” for a reason.  You have saved, invested and done without so you can have a secured retirement.  Now, for the first time, you must shift gears, and start “to spend down”, or receive income from these assets.

At Values Based Wealth Management, our goal is to make sure all aspects of your retirement assets are properly accounted for, and match your values and goals for your retirement.

Our firm’s hope is not that you just survive in retirement, but that you thrive!

It all starts with a conversation about what you want from your retirement! Let us help you get it. Put us to work for you! Contact us today!

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