Dear Neighbors,

For my birthday, our daughter asked if I would like to accompany her and our three year old Granddaughter to a pumpkin patch. I’m so glad I did – what a blast!

I can’t describe how much the three of us enjoyed such a thrilling day.

It was a wonderful birthday present – old-time stuff, good fun. We enjoyed it all – to goats at the petting zoo, the fall colors, the smell in the air, “the slides”, the spooky hayride. There was nothing commercial or manufactured about it. You can’t put a crisp sunny day in a package.

So, grab the family and go! It doesn’t really matter where, as long as you get to make more memories this Fall. I, myself, won’t forget that wonderful day with fresh-made apple cider doughnuts, and my granddaughter’s smile when she got her free pumpkin.

There are all types of wealth. This day celebrated the kind of wealth that cannot be measured. You can’t put a yield on these kinds of memories.

Happy Fall to you and your Family!

Brett Hagen